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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cheap Burgers and Silence

Today is what the card companies like to call Valentine's Day. An over promoted holiday that sends the message that you should only appreciate your loved ones one day a year and you should do so by buying them novelty candy and stuffed animals that will end up in the free bin at your next garage sale.

 Excuse me while I step down from this box...tiny rant over.

 While I did participate in the buying for this holiday I DO feel like I got away with something by only purchasing dollar store Valentines for the school parties, clothes that my kids already needed, and non-valentine type candy for the hubs. Nothing says I love you like a big bag of Lemonheads right?

This day o' love was started off by a disagreement between the hubs and I. *Huge-Stupid-Fight*

 Normally a stupid disagreement would fizzle off into nothing almost as soon as it started...but being it was Valentine's Day I was 20x more upset because OBVIOUSLY if we have a fight on such a "special day" then we just weren't meant to be. No, I didn't study drama. Just comes naturally. Enjoy your candy. Don't choke. 

Luckily I had work to go to and hubs had important TV watching to do. Yes, he has a very good job. It was just his day off...however that statement could have easily been left in my favor if I didn't have a soul. *Passive Aggressive*

The time away cleared the anger and by the time I got home *Huge-Stupid-Fight* was completely over. Absence makes the heart suck it up.

We went out for cheap burgers and silence since the kids were at the grandparent's house. By the way...not being around your kids makes you realize how boring you really are. We talked about changes to our insurance plan and played Angry Birds during our Valentine's Day dinner. What can I say? I am a hopeless romantic. I hope we weren't to risque for the waitress. I ended up looking like a cow because hubs couldn't finish his burger. Apparently he is six years old and ate half a bag of Lemonheads before dinner. I finished my plate and his milkshake. One straw. Hubs looked at me like I had horns coming out of my head when I mentioned getting two straws. I can't really blame him. Stupid cliches don't really fit our relationship very well. And well...it is kind of dumb.

I would love to expand on this day further, but as we speak my children are killing each other. I believe they are coming down off of Lord knows how much sugar. The hard stuff too. It starts off as one innocent candy heart and before you know it they are into the pure sugar evil that is Pixie Sticks.

 Candy hearts - the gateway candy.


  1. Ha ha, we set the table all pretty, ate with our youngest - 16 and then both went to sit behind our laptops. (We might be even more romantic than what you are.)

  2. Whoa I can feel the passion! Laptops are very romantic! :) I forgot to add that my dog peed on the carpet later that night. Just to add to the ambiance of the night.

    Thanks for reading!