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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Math Schmath

I love Sassy Girl.

I love teaching her many things.

I do not love teaching her math.

She is a brilliant child. Her vocabulary and reading skills are top notch. Naturally.

But, just like me, her math skills don't quite come as easily. I may or may not STILL count on my fingers from time to time. And I was once involved in payroll. Be afraid, be very afraid. 

Our math sessions go something like this:

Me: Okay. So 7 children are waiting for the bus. 4 of them are girls. What fraction of the children are girls?

Her: I only have 4 kids that wait for the bus at my bus stop.

Me: That's not the point. We are talking about THIS problem. 7 children. 4 are girls. What fraction of the kids are girls?

Her: I don't know. It doesn't make sense because I don't have 7 kids at my bus stop. Plus. We are all girls.

Me: *Sigh.* I understand that, but we are talking PRETEND here. PRETEND you have 7 children at your bus stop and only 4 of them are girls.


Me: I see you're frustrated, can I show you how I would figure this out?

Her: NO! I don't like math, and I don't like you!

Me: *Thinks: How is this MY fault?? Breathe. Reminder: I am the parent.* Ok. Let's take a break, and maybe we can come up with a fun game to figure this out.

Her: Psh. All of your games aren't really games. You just want me to learn stuff. See? Smart kid. She's on to me...

Me: *Thinks: God forbid...*

Seriously. I need help. How can I make math fun?? Suggestions welcome! I really don't care to remain the "MATH ENEMY" in this house any longer.


  1. Helping with maths homework is my least favourite thing to do. Only I am good at it and my youngest daughter hates it. My daughters all say I suck at explaining. Maths homework usually ends up in fights and tears.

  2. What if you had an older child tutor her? I know how you feel. Sometimes you can get really helpful suggestions if you explain to her teacher what's going on at home. I hate homework. I think it should be illegal. So I understand your frustration.

    1. An older child is a great idea! I think my youngest is going to be a genius because of the stuff his older sister teaches him. Well, a genius or a trouble maker. I'll settle for a little of both :)

  3. You've won an award. Come find it.

    1. Thank you!! That's very kind of you. I've a gone a little quiet on here the last few days with all of the commotion going on over the holidays, so I didn't even see your comments until today.

      PS: Your blog makes me smile too.

  4. Yeh an older child you could pay them a few dollars? Anyway, you're welcome. Thanks.