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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Furbys are Evil

If you know me in what we call the "real world" then you've probably already heard this story. Bear with me, or quit reading, but I have to tell everyone. This is like a PSA or something for anyone thinking of getting a Furby.

Sassy Girl turned the awesome/crazy/shock-inducing age of 8 last week.

She's been asking for this Furby nonsense since Christmas. I just ignored the initial request in November, thinking it was just a short lived phase, and I'll be damned if we are buying a 50.00 doll that speaks "Furbish".

Fast forward. Yep. She still wants the thing. The only product she has requested for 5 months.

Bit the bullet and purchased possibly the most annoying thing to ever enter this house.

She opens the gift before school and is stoked. She wrote us a thank you note at school, so I know she was thinking of the hours of fun she would have with this stupid Furby when she arrived home.

Her excitement is deflated when she comes home. We had a little gathering with Grandma and Grandpa for her birthday and Grandpa worked on getting our Furby friend out of the package. Why they screw toys to the package is a mystery to me, but it sure makes the process a hell of a lot harder.

Once Furby was released from captivity he worked for approximately 3 minutes. Then....nothing. I troubleshooted the best I could. New batteries. Hit refresh button, whatever that means. Nothing. Poor Sassy Girl was in tears. What a piece of crap.

I called the customer service number and he told me to do everything I just did. Which I told him.

"Yeah. I did that. I did that too. Nope. Did that too." Must be nice to have a job where you tell people the obvious all day.

He sent me a shipping label to return the defective creature.

Screw that. We are going to Walmart for an exchange.

Happy Birthday Sweetie. Let's go to the customer service desk at Walmart for an hour. Yay.

Her original Furby was a gray color. Walmart didn't have the same color Furby in stock.

"Honey, this purple one is nice. We can get him instead."

"No. I want Bob." Yeah. She named him Bob.

"But they don't have the same one. We can either get this one, or wait until they have a gray one."

"Well....can you ask them if they have any more Bobs?"

So we grab the purple Furby as a back up and go back to the customer service desk to inquire about any Bobs hangin' out in the back.

45 additional minutes go by, and then we get the call. Nope. No Bobs.

I look at Sassy Girl...glance at the purple Not Bob Furbs and ask her if this creature is okay.

She shrugs and decides Not Bob Furbs is better than nothing.

So off we go to stick batteries in him and unleash his Furbiness.

At least this one works. And keeps working. Forever.

It isn't long before we discover that this creature does not have an off switch. It also has multiple personality disorder, but I'll get into that later.

I spend the night diving into the Furbish dictionary like any good mom, and I soon know if her friend is asking for food, tickles, or just really loves her.

I'm putting Furbish as an additional language on my resume, by the way.

When I tip toe in to kiss the kids good night before I go to bed, the creature starts to stir in response to my movement.

I immediately freeze in a ridiculous position, to stop the thing from waking up.

A loud Furbish "I'm hungry" breaks the silence, and ruins the sweet moment of a mother kissing her children in their sleep.

Much like trying to escape a room of an infant that was just placed in it's crib, I silently try to slink out of the area. I get into my bed and I hear, *Groan* Me HUNGRY!"

I get out of bed...just to "feed" this stupid toy so it shuts up. I threw a blanket over it and told it to go to bed, because at this point that didn't seem crazy at all. It finally shut up. I think it knew that it's batteries were next to go.

Sassy Girl woke up still excited to play with her Furby. She was at the breakfast table "feeding" her Furby when all of a sudden Furby Hell broke loose.

He started shaking, his eyes rolled back in his head, his eye lids fluttered, and he said, "Furby...Change....Change...CHANGE!!!!"

Before us, this cuddly creature was PISSED OFF. His LED eyes turned all slanty. He freaked out whenever we tried to touch him, GROWLED, and pictures of FLAMES appeared in his eyes. What the heck??? Who makes a toy like this?

Seriously, you guys. I was freaked out. That weird feeling in the pit of your stomach when something doesn't feel right...it was there. Satan Furby totally ruined our morning waffles, that's for sure. At that point I was ready to either spray the thing with Holy Water, burn it, feed it to the dog, or all of the above. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to cheer this demonic creature up, because frankly, it scared the crap out of me. And remember? No off switch. Creep O Rama.

I turned on some happy music on the computer, sat the thing in front of it, and started to sing to it.

Totally normal behavior. 

It worked. Maybe a little too good. It freaked out again and did the whole "Furby...Change....Change....CHANGE!!!!" deal.

Now...we are left with some sort of Valley Girl Furby.

It says things like: "Seriously...Blah blah blah...OMG!"

Oh well. Annoying, but not Chuckie, so I'll take it.

Still, this doll has me sleeping with one eye open, and honestly I've had a few nightmares. Sassy Girl seems unphased. She obviously hasn't seen the horror movies I have.

If my family disappears and only an evil eyed Furby remains on the premises...well you know what happened.

RIP "Bob" 


  1. Ha ha so funny I think you should watch that doll carefully. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and finding it sitting next to you staring at you.

  2. I bought one of these about 15 years ago and it cost even more then. The only way to shut him up is remove his batteries or hide him in a dark closet. My sympathies.

  3. I used to have one as a child, and it wouldn't stop talking even when I took the batteries out... My mother was paranoid christian, she told me "the devil has taken over Sam (that was his name) and its time for him to go". I must say that was the most depressing thing of my child hood... but now that I think back to it, it was also one of the scariest moments of my child hood. Now 22 my daughter (3) is begging for one, I'm really hoping its just a phase, because even though I didn't believe the devil was inside of it, it still scared the living daylights out of me!

  4. One time i put one in the closet downstairs so i wouldn't hear it anymore. I forgot about it and my dad screamed. What is this thing? I explained it to him and i was still grounded.

  5. hahaha this is so funny. I've always wanted one lol but never had the gut to actually get one.