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Monday, April 16, 2012

SpongeBob is Totally a Misleading Title for this Post

I had one of those "I feel sorry for myself" type of days today. I absolutely despise when this crappy mood creeps in... like a grown up version of the boogie man. An unwelcome surprise.

I heard you can make him go away to boogie man land from a pharmaceutical company once. I wasn't interested in their tall tales. 

First of all, I have absolutely no valid reason to feel like this. I am truly blessed. Sure life gets stressful and there are a lot of tough things I've dealt with and continue to deal with, but I know I need to suck it up because things could be way worse in my life.

Then I feel even less spectacular because I automatically feel selfish for even feeling down in the dumps.

Can we say just deal with it??

When I really sit down and think about it, I realize I am like a sponge. No SpongeBob jokes. This is serious. As serious as I get anyway. That being said I think I may name this blog post SpongeBob. We'll see. 

I soak up everyone else's worries and tears because I don't want them to feel it anymore. I listen, offer support, try to make everything better. But I am not necessarily a very stable sponge. I'm like one that's been used for way too long and pieces of it are falling off. Yet it still sits in the soap dish by the sink.

 Okay, it's a crappy metaphor but I am going to continue to roll with it. 

Not that everyone asks me to do this. I put myself in this role. Constantly. Maybe it's the mother in me. OR...maybe, if I really want to Dr. Phil this beeotch up, I throw myself into other people's drama and heartache because I don't want to deal with my own.  It's way easier to feel like you are helping someone else deal with something sucky, as opposed to wallowing in self pity or just feeling sad whatever the reason is.

I posted on Facebook today that I felt like I should be in a Cymbalta commercial. Not really expecting a response, just trying to put a little dry humor spin on my horrible mood. I received a response that I actually took to heart.

"Do something different and at a whim. It will remind you that you are still young. We have a bad habit of thinking we are older that we are." 

Well I'll be damned. He's got a point. If you let life get to you it will. Life is a confusing bitch. It throws a lot of things at us that are pretty tough to handle. But we are so quick to age ourselves with worries, stressors, and demands that sometimes we forget to breathe. I am not talking about the involuntary process of breathing we do day in and day out. I am talking about really taking a deep breath, feeling your lungs fill up and truly appreciating what you have. Being impulsive because you have the ability to do so. 

I chewed on that for awhile. Nice reality check and I needed that. 

 If we use the commercial comparisons again I am definitely out of the Cymbalta realm. Not quite tampon commercial happy...but then again who is ever THAT happy. Especially if they need a tampon. That's just weird. 

Did I really just end this semi-serious blog post with a tampon commercial reference? Yes...yes I did. It was an impulsive move.


  1. Just sneak a peak at the kids playing without them seeing you and I am sure they will talk about something that will make you instantly in a better mood! You are such a great person and let the kids pamper you (you may need to offer a quarter or two) but nothing feels better then convincing Rilee that playing with my hair is a really fun thing to do or a back scratch from Caleb is what robots like to do for fun!

  2. Thanks Jaimie! You are so right about the kids cheering me up :)They always do! And it's funny you mentioned the pampering...we play "beauty shop" but Rilee is wising up to this and now says I have to do HER hair twice as long :P Caleb likes to do my makeup. And then the Fed Ex guy comes. That's always good for a laugh!

  3. She is growing up too quick! Wait does nate know you allow the fed ex guy to deliver?!?! That could put him out of work lol!

  4. Ha ha I hope the fed ex guy is hot. Get him to deliver again that will cheer you up. When I am feeling very down I dolly up, I put nice clothes on and some make up. I am a slob usually so it works for me.

    1. HA! Well my hubs works for UPS so it's a standing joke that if I order through Fed Ex it's cheating! :P Yep...I am the same way. A slob. I would wear my Tweety PJs to work if I could. :)It is amazing what a little eyeliner can do for a woman!!