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Saturday, October 20, 2012

We've been "Glueped"!

Geez Louise, I've been a horrible blogger. I do have an excuse though. Seriously, it's not laziness this time. This time...

I JUST got my laptop back from being repaired. Got an awesome friend who is a genius at fixin' broken computer stuff. Totally sucking up, cuz he's nice to have on speed dial for those brilliant moments when I have exhausted all of my fixing abilities. As in...restart computer. Nope. Still broken. 

This time though, we had a serious problem. Really it was a case of the computer being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Possibly a tiny bit my fault, but we are not here to point fingers. Sometimes I don't think stuff through very well. I should probably attend a workshop or something on "Thinking Stuff Through - The Key to Success." It probably exists. 

So, I was being an AWESOME mom and getting all "Bill Nye the Science Guy" with Little Dude. Courtesy of Google. You can impress the heck out of preschoolers by your massive amount of knowledge gained by the internet. Anyway, the afternoon kicked off with attempting an experiment to make "Gluep". The old Borax, glue, water trick. Supplies were all laid out on the table ready to go. Little Dude measures out some water in a cup. So far so good. We mix up our concoction and the end result was a rubbery silly putty lump. Sounds lame...but we MADE it, so it was pretty sweet. So sweet, in fact, that it caused a little ruckus in the preschooler excitement factory and some jittery moves were the culprit in tipping over the leftover "Gluep" ingredients directly on the keyboard of my laptop. Crap. Remember that thinking stuff through comment? Yeah. I now know that computers, almost 5 yr olds, and liquid experiments definitely don't mix. Pretty sure I should have known that before we started...but I'm letting the past stay in the past.  

Cue cliche slow motion clip. "Nnnnnnoooooo!!!!"  And then being the quick thinker I am, I grab a towel. The screen turns into a psychedelic acid hallucination. Oh man. This is not good. What do I do?? Slight panicky thoughts. Maybe I should pour some Minute Rice on it? No. Probably not going to help...and seems messy. Plus we only have enough for dinner. 

Okay. Got it. Restart. Always works.

Hit restart and the computer acts like it's going to start up all normal...then in total jerk fashion it goes blank and makes an alarming beeping noise. Nope. This is not good at all. My "professional" diagnosis...we have a one broken computer.

One broken computer and a lump of smelly "Gluep". Perfect. 

In the end it all worked out. I survived weeks without a computer. How? I don't know. My phone is a poor substitute for a computer but it took the edge off. So spoiled by technology. Slightly ashamed...but it is what it is. 

The computer is home, and the "Gluep" went in the trash after collecting a coat of dog hair and cracker crumbs.

Little Dude wants to make more. I'm putting the computer in the hall closet. Just to be safe....


  1. Welcome back Leia, I have my daughter's old blackberry and everybody told me once I had a smart phone I would be hooked, I am not, I love my laptop passionately and not ashamed to say it.

  2. Thanks Vivian! I really missed my laptop!